Fry's Community Rewards Program


The Fry's Community Rewards Program is a great opportunity to raise money for The Arc of Tempe that doesn't cost any money. Simply link your Fry's VIP card to The Arc of Tempe and a small portion of each purchase that you make will go to The Arc!


Not sure how to sign up for the Community Rewards Program? Here's how:


Click here to take you to the Fry's Page.


Click on "Enroll Now".


You will be directed to sign in or to create an account if you have never used the online system before. If you are creating an account you can use your already existing VIP card for the account or you can sign up for a new card.


Once you are logged in you can search for "The Arc of Tempe" and it will pop up.


Select it and click Enroll.


That's it! You are all done! Now a portion of every purchase that you use your VIP card for will go to The Arc!


Thanks! If you have any questions or comments please call or email Ruth Ann Strom at (480)651-3129 or