Why join The Arc of Tempe?


By becoming a member of The Arc of Tempe, you are joining an organization that actively creates opportunities for meaningful socialization opportunities in our communities, offers chances to give back through volunteerism, gaining self-advocacy skills, and enriching the lives for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

To become a member now, click here to complete the application and connect with our Executive Director, Ruth-Ann Strom, to get started as soon as possible! 

What To Expect


A Sense of Belonging

Here at The Arc of Tempe, we operate less like a program and more like a family. There's a reason many of our members have been a part of our program for over 10 years — some as long as 40! Our goal is for every member to feel a sense of belonging, like they have finally found a place they can call their own.


We pride ourselves on hiring staff who will ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones, as well as taking care of every individual's needs with professionalism and care.

All volunteers who interact with our members have undergone background checks, have been properly trained to oversee our community events, and have a true love for our mission.

Lifelong Friendships

We know that sometimes, it can be hard to make friends — especially for some of our friends with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At The Arc of Tempe, you can expect to not only make new friends, but keep them; many of our members have developed friendships that extend far beyond any of our programming — a true testament to how vital this program is to our community.

Valuable Life Skills

Life comes with challenges around every corner, so that's why it's always been a focus of The Arc of Tempe to ensure that every member not only has fun, but also develops skills that will help them in every facet of their life. Whether that's learning how to be safe on public transportation, understanding how to advocate for yourself in times of need, or simply learning how to be a better, more respectful member of your community, our programs are developed to reinforce positive behaviors in individuals of all levels.

Ready to make the best decision of your life? Become a member today!